Francesco Viegi

I was attending primary school. Bell rang, I bowed myself to fill my bag … I rose my eyes and saw my classmate tying hers shoes: the knee bent under the white apron, hers blonde hairs and more … the way she looked at me. I took then, in my mind, my first shoot. Since that moment wonder, curiosity and passion gave life to each of my portrait … photos of the women that decided to depict though the lens the speechless, profound and single moment that turn inner nature into beauty. I never wanted to unveil them. Reveal … that is the only thing I do

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    Claudia Ottaviani – Carousel 2

    Firenze Moda

    “Non est formosa, cuius crus laudatur aut brachium, sed illa, cuius universa facies admirationem partibus singulis abstulit” – Lucio Anneo Seneca, Epistulae morales ad Lucilium (33, 5)
    *No Photoshop